The Beast

As the name implies, The Beast is all about meat. It’s not the ideal place for a vegetarian to go for dinner, but it was the fourth of July and my American loved ones wanted to celebrate with Texan barbeque, so there we were.

Everyone I was there with made omgthisisamazing faces while they ate piles of ribs, chicken, pulled pork and brisket (11-24€) that were smoked until they melted off the bone and made the inside of the restaurant smell like a campfire in a rich, delicious kind of way. Being a newbie to American national holidays, and painfully hungover from the night before, I dubiously sipped a beer (7€) served in a jam-jar glass, enjoyed the hipsterish wooden decor and nibbled on spicy baked beans, potato salad and collared greens (4-5€), which were pretty tasty, even if they weren’t the main event. Also of note was the impressive selection of bourbons, and delicious peach tart.

You can find The Beast at 27, rue Meslay, 75003.

Joanna York

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