As it was a hot summer evening, C and I ordered a pizza and a salad to share, and asked to sit outside with a cold beer each. The food was served promptly, with each dish evenly divided between our two plates; half a pizza and half a salad on each. No awkward, all plates in the middle sharing, and no polite standoff for the last morsel of food. Can all shared dishes be served this way?

The pizza was crisp around the crust with puddles of oozing cheese in the middle and as delicious as homemade wood-fired pizza always is. The salad had giant artichokes in it and was possibly more delicious than the pizza. (Yes, you read that right. Maybe the impending heatstroke made me temporarily lose my mind). We ate, sipped our beers and listened to the couple next to us have an entertaining argument while they shared a tiramisu. Then we walked up to the top of the hill to watch the sun go down over Paris.

Pizzas start at 9€ and salads from 12€.

You can find Pomodoro at 20 rue la Vieuville, 75018.

– Joanna York

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